Sunflower Productions’ staged version of The Full Monty is a hilarious adaptation of the 1997 film.

Following the huge success of Calendar Girls back in 2013, in which they raised an incredible £6,500 for Leukaemia and Lymphoma research, Sunflower Productions brought together a talented group of performers to put on The Fully Monty at The Electric Theatre in Guildford.

This year they raised money for the Urology Unit at Royal Surrey Hospital. The production company organised multiple fundraising events such as a Gala night, quizzes and raffles to raise money to cover the costs of putting on the show.

The story of The Full Monty follows a group of unemployed steelworkers from Buffalo who, while spying on their wives watching male strippers at the local club, decide they want to make money quick by putting on a performance themselves and go ‘the full monty.’

Director Daniel Bundy did a sterling job of creating seamless scene changes, distinct character relationships and endless laughter for the audience. Alongside this, Polly Kings’ quirky, energetic choreography gave the overall performance a lovely touch.

Anna Twait, who played the role of Georgie, had powerful vocals in the number ‘It’s a Woman’s World’, whilst Rosalind Robins’ great comic timing added to the hilarious character of Jeanette in the auditions scene.  

The ensemble worked well together creating a strong on-stage presence and vibrant sound and it was equally as impressive that some of the cast members also work at the Royal Surrey Hospital.

Dave Sillett, co-producer of Sunflower Productions, said there are no future plans for another show just yet but he “wants to maintain the ethos of raising money for charity.”

Co-producer, Sue Sillett, said: “We have had the honour of working with the most wonderful and dedicated creative team and an army of helpers to raise funds for the RSCH Urology Department.”